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Games from the 1920s

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Shawnee Town has two very exciting program offerings! Both of these programs have stand-alone activities that can be requested a la carte! Select one program in its entirety or one or two activities from the seven listed here. We can add more content to lengthen your experience according to your time frame. Phone us and we will be happy to custom design a program for your students’ needs.

Life Then and Now (3 activities)

    This program will teach the students what life was like in the 1920s. History Detectives allows students to explore actual 1920s artifacts reflecting inventions, communication, travel, work, leisure, and popular culture. In Life Down on the Farm students will tour our farmhouse and compare and contrast their own homes, conveniences, amusements, and chores with life 90 years ago. Our Melting Pot will involve them in what it was like to immigrate to America. Through a pre-visit activity, they will share their family’s story when they come to Shawnee Town (Pre-activity worksheet).

Our Town
    This program has 4 activities (20 minutes each) which take the students around the town and to the schoolhouse. The four buildings they will be visiting are accurate representations of what small town life was like in 1920s America. Everyone met at Bousman Barber Shop in Shawnee to hear the gossip, get a haircut or shave and maybe even get their shoes polished. Select students will get a “shave,” learn about hair-bobbing, or shine shoes. Typewriters from across the region ended up at Mr. Yotz’s Typewriter Repair Shop for a check-up and thorough cleaning. The students will compare and contrast what it was like to communicate the same message by longhand, a typewriter, and a laptop. The one-room Schoolhouse offers the students many compare and contrast lessons with an opportunity for reading and reciting a poem used in schools in the 1920s.

    Bousman Barber Shop:

    Bousman Barber Shop Program

    Bousman Barber Shop Vocabulary

    Bousman Barber Shop Recommended Books

    Hairstyles - Women

    Hairstyles - Girls

    Hairstyles - Boys


    Early Twentieth Century Shoe Shiners

    Yotz's Typewriter Repair Shop:

    Typewriter Repair Shop Program